Saturday, April 17, 2010

For new comers

This is just posted for some of you new comers that want to know what this bog is about. For starters: in this blog I will post things that come to mind. It is mainly about sex and stuff like that, but seriously think about the topic given. Anything can be said just tell me what you think of about the topic I wrote about. Any and all comments are aloud. Let me just tell you: me and my wife have been going through a rough time sex wise. She wants more and more everyday- no we do not have sex every day, but mainly once or twice a week for "FUN" Years ago we made a bet that I could make my penis bigger before she made her breasts bigger. The trick was this: I had to get a bigger penis by the end of five months while she needed to get bigger breasts in just five months as well. We sort of had a tie. Now three years later, we have great sex. Oh, info on me: I work at Planet Fitness during the summer and the weekends, and on week days I am chef. My wife is a saleswomen who sales homes for Keller Williams. She isn't that good, but she does what she can. We live in Austin Texas and our ages are 30 and 31. I am older. I married when I was 22 and when she was 21 after dating for three years and not moving forward with anything. We started dating in Collage. We both went to the same High School. That is mainly all you need to know about me. Sadly I won't tell you my name.